April 6, 2017


Thank you so much. I have read the draft very carefully, and made note on some corrections to work through.

This afternoon I leave for a one week vacation to France (where communication to the US is relatively expensive) and suggest that we plan on my sending a more complete response sometime the following week.

In general the writing is excellent, the look is good (although the type size is smaller and the margins smaller than I had in mind initially -perhaps to due to the length of certain lines).

I also was thinking two pages, but see that three does seem to work out OK. Guidance is to include details for the last ten years, but I also think the earlier experience does communicate more about my background – your call.

I really appreciate your good work on this, and your excellent message below.

I feel very good about the progress made already, and look forward to completing it the week after next.

I like the cover letter very much – I welcome your further suggestions on using this letter with recruiters.

Many thanks,

Carol L.