April 6, 2017

Hi Peter,

I just wanted to let you know that Ken Moore has completed the final form of my resume and cover letter.

Thank you for the excellent work Ken did.

Ken and I interacted once by phone at my request after I completed the Worksheets and before he wrote the first draft. Ken completed the first draft resume and cover letter in a timely manner, offered me some insights, and awaited my comments/questions.

I replied with my comments and some questions. Ken replied back with some additional insights in answer to my questions, and attached a fresh resume and cover letter reflecting my comments and questions. He awaited any further comments, which I gave today, with my agreement that the resume and cover letter are in final form.

It was a pleasure working with Ken. I feel that he articulately and accurately condensed my formerly 3-page resume down to 2-pages, and gave me fresh insights regarding the current form of resume writing in the industry.

I can’t wait to try out my new resume on some future opportunities.

Best regards,

Kevin S.