April 6, 2017

Hi Donna

I wanted to send you an update. A very good firm in town contacted me and asked me to apply for a not-posted opening they had.

The attorney who called had been on numerous cases I had prosecuted in recent years, and was familiar with my work. He said that he noticed I had moved to the other branch office where I am now, wondered what happened, and wondered if I was interested in applying there.

I promptly sent the resume you had crafted with me. He was impressed, so I am interviewing there Friday.

The position would be for criminal defense, and civil litigation. I will be interviewing with 4 individuals : the partner who recommended me, an of counsel who is chair of the local political party in power, an of counsel who is our state representative, and the head of the firm’s board of directors.

I am a little nervous, as that is quite a stellar line-up. I have been thinking through potential answers to the typical interview questions so that I sound confident and ready.

Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well.

Jessica R.