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Hello Wendy,

Wow. . .it is amazing to see my life on paper! Thank you. The resume looks amazing. I spent some time filling in the questions but have a few more to look into for accuracy.

The graphic designer in me forced me to make a few tweeks graphically, so I attached a copy for your review. I am not sure if font sizes, etc. have a history of attracting or distracting a potential employer, so please give me your feedback. Also, I am a MAC user, and the format made the document go to three pages, so some of the changes (i.e. Font size, reduced a line so it would be on one line) were to shorten it to two pages.

I will be taking your advice and opening a new e-mail account just for resume coordination and I will send out one with a CA address and one with an Atlanta address. . .being bi-coastal allows me be both places!

Thanks so much Wendy. I can see why you are so busy. . .amazing how you are able to screen all of the information sent and really get me.


Karen S. D.

April 6, 2017

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