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Let me first say: thanks so much for the attention to detail and great job on both the Resume and Cover Letter. I really appreciate it.

Initially, I think I only have a few changes. The most major of these centers around the “Interim VP of Technology”-related verbiage. Although I served in this capacity at StrategyOne during most of my first year, this was not an official title that I held – for us to present it in that way would not be representative of the truth. I think we should definitely highlight the work, but we shouldn’t attribute titles to me that I never officially held. Sorry for any confusion I may have caused in relaying this info initially.

Beyond this, I rephrased a few things in the Profile. Other than that, I think we’re getting very close to a final version.

Thanks again – let me know what you think here. I’ve attached the updated documents with my changes in red.


Johnny L.

April 6, 2017

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