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Greg Faherty prepared my resume. My previous resume was self-written and required the reader to sort through paragraphs of mess just to see what I did.

Greg gave my resume a complete makeover.

He’s an absolute expert when it comes to reading what you do and converting it to language that makes companies desire to interview.

I looked at the end result Greg provided and thought that this is exactly what I do in a language that I could not possibly have created on my own.

For example, I submitted my resume-exactly as prepared by Greg-for a position via e-mail. In 27 minutes, I received a telephone call from the recruiter. ‘I just got your resume and I want to talk to you.’

I don’t know what a reasonable turnaround time should be; but, I have never experienced this before. I know for certain that is happened because Greg prepared my resume. It never happened with my self-prepared document.

I am a satisfied client and have prepared this unsolicited recommendation.

Ken W.

April 6, 2017

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