April 6, 2017

Hi Greg,

First, thank you. The draft is much better than my own version of the resume — cleaner, more focused on the accomplishments, and and you have removed a lot of content that you (I am assuming) believe to be useless.

I have made a few changes, while trying to stay withing the same format structure. This is the summary.

Added a few key words that were missing when they seemed important (e.g., “technical due diligence” in Areas of Expertise). Modified some numbers.

Removed or qualified statements that were stated too broadly to be justified (e.g., “Played key role in growing unique site visitors to one million per month” — this occurred after I left the company, so I am not comfortable taking that much credit).

Made a couple of small editorial changes to reflect what I thought to be more common usage.

Please find the edits attached; changes are tracked using Track Changes in MS Word.

Looking forward to receiving your feedback.

Best regards,

Michael R.