April 6, 2017

Dear Freddie,

I wanted to email you my deepest thanks for your excellent work on my resume.

I submitted it with an email of inquiry to the Vail, CO position and today spoke with the recruiter who was very excited about my credentials and I am advancing to the next phase of consideration.

Because of the way you beautifully organized my background/skills, I was able to present myself easily (diving off from the simplicity you built into the information). And they were able to quickly see how my background met their screening criteria.

In the past, starting with that jumbled, complex resume meant I started in a catch up position from the beginning (explaining so much).

The elegance of the resume, to the point, was a joyful diving off point for me.

I was too close to myself to really be objective in writing a resume and your objectivity was the perfect fit for me.

In previous email exchanges I asked about your comment/offer re:coaching to deal with the brief tenure with the one organization that was my first/problematic…but I have not heard back from you on that offer (remember, you felt that the tenure was so brief that it wasn’t significant to mention in the resume and said there was a certain way I should deal with it during interview).

Can you let me know how to access coaching on that point. While I am experienced in interviews, the brief tenure experience was my first ever and I am not sure how to handle it in interview.

Again, I thank you for you excellent service and I am still in the process of recovering those files; hoping to be able to get the rest of the information to you next week or so. I do want to finish that document even though it will not be important for this opportunity.

Let me know re: the coaching.

Sarah W.