April 6, 2017

Hi Debra,

First, I truly thank you for showing me to “me”.

None of this is an exaggeration. It is all but fact minus many glorious details, but, for a modest man it is difficult to blow his own horn/trumpet.

Your choice of words was excellent and the layout is striking.

Please help me to incorporate the additions/changes to augment the impact of what you already created.

The cover letter & resume are as attachments here in.

I also would like for you to reduce the width/size of the cover letter to the same as that of the resume ( how do you put ‘ over the e’s in resume – ). Mostly this document is dispatched to Employers by e-mail and it would be cumbersome for them to read at a glance on a standard screen. May be you will be magnanimous to share with me the know how of this.

Lastly how to insert a hand written signature in to the cover letter, when most are to be e-mailed ?

Thanks! (again),

Serai K.