April 6, 2017


I have reviewed the resume Dan Dorotik did for me, and I have to say I have never had such a strong and concise resume from any of the other professional writers I have hired in the past.

Not only does it extensively highlight all the accomplishments that I have done in my industry over the past 20+ years, but is so comprehensively written and flows so well that all that hard work is right there, easy to determine what I have done and where, and easily puts me into a higher grade level of hire – just the result I was looking for.

The cover letter is so well written – it actually acts as a teaser. Hungry to learn more. Amazing.

You and your staff are phenomenal! I wish I had known about your services before I wasted all that money on the other “professional” resume writers in the past.

You clearly are at the top of the field. Words escape me except to say Thank you thank you thank you!

Your and Dan’s expertise cannot be duplicated. You all are to be commended for such exemplary work.

Again, Thank You!

All the best,

Sue G.