April 6, 2017


Congradulations, what a great job!

I used MS Word “Track Changes” Function to allow you to easily see what changes I propose as far as information is concerned. There may be a better way to include the general information–I did not focus on sentence structure–well not that much).

The only change needed on the equally great cover letter is the addition of PMB (postal mail box) information in the header.

I really appreciate your work. What other information would be included in a bio? I seems to me that the resume is so informiative that a bio may not be all that useful. What do you think – I will be leaving the resume with various national elected and appointed officials in DC if the job at IU does not materialize.

After you make the changes you deem need to be made, please send both the formatted version and a plain ASCII so I can simply copy for uploading on various job boards etc.

If I want to have your company distribute widely, then I will let you know. If I feel the need to broaden the search to industry, I will revise the current resume and ask you to edit etc. I understand your need to charge me for a second resume–given the quality of your materials you should be getting more money anyway.

I am now embarresed to tell you how much money I almost spent with another company…it was outrageous ($8,975.00). I received a full refund from them last week.

Thanks again,

Doug C.