April 6, 2017


I am really happy with the results!

I must admit that I was reserving judgement because the resume was so different from what I had created before. (Of course, what I had created was terrible, but it’s hard to let go sometimes!)

However, after having some people proof it for me the reaction was across-the-board positive. And the cover letter is really good. I’m genuinely excited about sending these out and beginning the job search.

I do have a couple of changes to request, but they’re mainly about moving a information around. Also, the verb tenses can all be made in the past tense now. (I was a part of AOL’s recent layoffs.) I’ve put most of my comments in notes in the document.

Thanks again for the work. I’m sending versions that have been converted into Word 2007 and then back again so if my changes or notes don’t come through let me know.

James W.