April 6, 2017


Thank you for the feedback. Your comments are highly appreciated and offer interesting insight.

I agree that having my CV redone by a professional writer is the way to go. So I will be happy to ask you to do that for me.

Regarding ‘Objectives’ I understand that in proper style you do not explicitly mention objectives in the CV but probably somewhere else like a cover letter or e-mail.

As a convinced supporter and practitioner of P.F.Drucker’s and F.Malik’s ideas on result-oriented management having and clearly stating professional objectives is very important to me – especially at senior level.

What I especially like about your feedback is to make achievements in the CV even more measurable by quantifying results wherever possible which is what I do professionally anyway.

So I am looking forward to fruitful cooperation with you and your team.

I will have the request though to make my CV appealing not only to US but also to European or Asian companies.


Martin S.