April 6, 2017


Thank you for spending quality time working on my documents. I have carefully reviewed them for correctly, intent, messaging and positioning.

Seeing the new docs has help me go back and check facts, real titles, locations and review my top accomplishments. For your convenience and to your request I have used Word revisions so you can see the changes.

As you will see from some of my edits, I did try to bring out a better balance in my business and technical acumen and put some refined color on how I achieve that. Since I have worked in both business and technical areas for most of these positions, I could write singularly a technical (development) only resume or a business focused resume, but I think that the best leverage of my talents are achieved when I am given responsibility to leverage both dimensions. I realize that having this dual focus makes the job of describing my abilities to do both while not shunning of opportunities where the initial screening is for only one dimension, a more difficult task.

Thus, I realize the extra effort it takes to structure such and I thank you for assisting me with this.

I look forward to your review and reworked version. Contact me if you have questions.


Tommy F.