April 6, 2017

Hey Donna,

Kevin and I agree it looks “AWESOME” we just wanted to have a few little things done and then we’re cool 🙂

Where it says at the areas of expertise:

Could you change some things around for me? Financial Pre-Qual is good where it is and Property Evaluation. Can you change Contract Prep to be third and then Closing Deals fourth. I just wanted to have it in the order in which we do it.

Thank you and then that’s a wrap 🙂

I am very appreciative to have you write my resume for me each time and extremely proud to present this and these being my achievement’s in my field.

Thank you so much and it’s probably time for Kevin to get a new resume so could you send us updated sheets for him as well – you just never know.

Thank you,

Wanda 🙂