April 6, 2017

Good morning Rosie,

Thanks for your resending my resume and cover letter. I reviewed them both and they appear to be excellent!

I spoke with Mr. Peter Newfield yesterday about continuing working with your organization using your e-mail distribution capabilities. One question that came to mind in reviewing the latest revision is the introductory sentence of the cover letter. Peter briefly mentioned that the introductory sentence would change depending on the recipient. Would the introductory sentence be changed to the appropriate language in the distribution campaign?

Other wise, I think that were good-to-go. Peter said that you would not prepare the text copy until we were satisfied with all the documents. Pending the above question, I expect that you will be sending the text copy to me today?

Please let me know your thoughts on the above question.

Thanks for your time and patients in this matter. Your work is out-standing and believe that these documents will help open the doors of opportunity in my job search.


Saville S.