April 6, 2017


I just wanted to thank you for the EXTREME MAKEOVER that you gave my resume!!!!!!!

The minute I posted your resume, the calls just began pouring in like crazy. I could tell when I read the verbiage on the resume that it was going to be effective, but I had no idea it would be this soon that I would begin seeing results! It was only 2 weeks ago when you did my resume and I have already interviewed with SEVERAL Fortune 500 companies including CNN, Georgia-Pacific, and Beazer Homes.

I was extended an offer from Georgia-Pacific for a position as Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Human Resources, starting at $51k…almost a $10,000 increase from the pay at my previous employer! I have accepted the offer, but I still have hiring decisions pending for CNN and Beazer Homes! Every since you did my resume, I have been having an interview everyday! You are “the BOMB”, (for lack of a better choice of words)!!! You are truly knowledgeable about the Executive Support industry and it shows through your articulate usage of industry buzz words and carefully selected verbiage. This was truly the best $xxx I have ever spent!


Bridgett B.