April 6, 2017

Hi Rosie,

A fantastic job. I never knew I had really accomplished so much. It shows what attitude and an independent view can do.

I’ve made some changes and highlighted them in yellow as you indicated. I went through all my projects and put them in an excel file to get values. I was shocked at the value, even when I went through to avoid duplication.

I’ve sent back the resume’. It looks great. I’ve done a lot of work through the years. 667 million less 325 million which was an estimate for Lockheed Martin facilities here still leaves 342 million dollars. Take inflation rates that vary from 1974 projects to 2005 projects and you are still left with an amazing figure of 750 million dollars of value in projects. enough of this, but I am very impressed with the resume so far.

It’s unbelievable! I never would have totaled them if the resume’ you typed hadn’t brought it to my attention.