April 6, 2017

Hi Illona:

I don’t know whether to compliment or complain. For the past two months I have been cranking out your cover letter and two page resume’ (yes you are right 2 pages is fine), to Monster.com and other web job sites, and recieving no response. However, I knew I had a great cover letter and resume, and said to myself, it’s all going to happen at once.

Sure as heck, I got at least 12 phone calls this week, 4 were inquiry’s, 3 were interviews that I declined, and I now have 5 interviews scheulded between this week and next. In fact, one was so important that a regional manager had the district manager meet me in the Brooklyn Home Depot where I was working at, and I had my interview in my work clothes, a bit bizzare, because he lives in astoria queens and a long way to drive . But I think they want me pretty bad and were taking no chances.

Will keep you informed. Hope you enjoyed your holiday.

Thank you,

Frank W.