April 6, 2017

Hello Jeanie and Denise,

RE The Resulting Doc and Your Firm (Denise) was right. Jeanie is/was able to do *everything* needed to get my resume to be a (much, much, much) better marketing document; something I knew I needed during my conversation with Denise. In fact, I found, and find, myself thinking every time I read my own resume that if I could just write that well, that is EXACTLY what I would want to convey about what happened and what it means to the person reading the resume. Plus ‘less-than-strong’ areas look a lot better. And the points being brought out now emphasize and present what needs to be brought out (ie, as a marketing doc to get the meeting and cut through the clutter) – I recognize this because I often am in the position of plowing through piles of resumes as the person needing to hire someone.

It would be a pleasure to be a reference (!) and I will pass on your firm and services to others who need it.

Thanks very much so far…

Best regards,

Kirk D.