April 6, 2017


I wanted to tell you what a great job Kelley Smith did on rewriting my resume. It might be worth giving you a bit of history as to how I reached the point of looking for help on my resume.

I decided to search Google one day for resume writing services and came across Career-Resumes.com. I submitted my resume and was called the next day by Jane Quick to give me a critique of my current resume as well as a quote to reconstruct my resume. I have to tell you that while I was impressed with Jane, the quote seemed like it was a lot to pay for a service that on the surface might or might not be beneficial to my job search.

I can tell you that Kelley did a great job and in the end I feel as if the value I received was far greater than what I paid (but please don’t take that as an approval to bill me more!). I have already gotten very positive comments from a couple of recruiters and other professionals that I have shared my resume with. I had never gotten comments before except for asking why I changed jobs so frequently during a short period.

I would recommend this service to anyone I know who is trying to market themselves for other employment opportunities and I would especially recommend Kelley. She really took my thoughts and articulated them much better than I could have imagined.

I just thought you would want to know when someone in your organization does an outstanding job.

Patrick M.