April 6, 2017


Hope this transmission gets to you. You did a very good job on my resume and the cover letter and I am pleased with what you have done.

I made a few revisions and I would appreciate your fresh thoughts. Is there another word you can think of other than "Ignited" revenues? I cannot think of one at this hour of the day but I just have this image of firing off a rocket with that word.

Everything you have written is factually accurate. The resume really has a very new and different spin on it based on all the information I sent to you.

I guess in a town where things are generally so understated, one has to abandon all modesty and put he peddle to the metal. This resume has a lot more of a high energy image to it now and that is what is needed.

I appreciate all that you have done. Look forward to any final thoughts you may have.


Cliff G.