April 6, 2017


I wanted to let you know that I successfully landed a very exciting and promising opportunity. I was very happy with the finished product and it clearly contributed to my success.

My family and I will be relocating to Southern Ca. where I accepted a position as the EVP/CFO. The company is involved in various types of real estate development including residential track development, home building and retail properties. It is an exciting opportunity with the ability to participate in the results and equity of the company. I am not sure where we will reside
with my office in Ontario, Ca it could be Pasadena Hills, Anaheim Hills, or the Chino Hills areas.

I had also ended up being the lead for the CFO slot at XXXXXX Properties, a public office REIT and my name was beginning to surface at other companies as well.

I hope all is well for you. If you need a reference for senior exec types, please feel free to use me on a selective basis.

James G.