April 6, 2017

Dear Vivian!

I can’t thank you enough for writing my resume! I just got an offer for a wonderful position right here in Columbus, Ohio!?

This happened much faster than I expected and I feel that your words helped so much! I noticed that many of the people that I interviewed with at this Company had different things highlighted on their copy of my resume. So.. it looks like we had the RIGHT STUFF!

If you ever need me for a “testimonial”… feel free to contact me. I landed the job within a month of receiving your draft! Even better… I don’t have to start until after the holidays!

I AM SO HAPPY and SO GRATEFUL for all your help and encouragement!

Take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving…. I know I will! I have so much to be thankful for and you are on my list!

Thanks so much!

Julie Schmitt