April 6, 2017


Thanks very much for your work on my resume and cover letter. I showed it to a couple friends this morning. They liked both the content and the format. Especially the cover letter. Both people I showed it to this morning read over the letter and turned to me and said “Bill, this is you!”

I have attached the same documents back to you with my comments. Please be sure to view the comments, as I inserted a few of them in the document. I have a few other questions for you, not in the document:

Font and format:

I thought your choice of font was interesting. It is good, and people seem to like it very much, but it is not one that I would have thought to use. Is this a font that you use for all the resumes you work on? Will this translate well, if I have to cut and paste this format into an online resume processing system? Do you have a recommendation for what I should do in those circumstances? Should I have a plain text version of my resume as well?

Other prospective clients for you:

One of the friends that I had look over my resume was asking for your contact information. Is it OK for him to contact you directly? or should he go through the main number?

Settling up:

What do I need to do to settle-up my bill? Should I call the main Newfield number? or can you process my credit card?

Bill G.