April 6, 2017


I am impressed. This is so good I would hire myself! I think you did an excellent job. My minor changes are highlighted in red.

I would feel privileged if you would like me to be a reference for your work. I sincerely appreciate your professionalism. You see I think American business is beginning to loose this trait. At any rate…

I certainly would like you to write a killer cover letter for me.

I also am interested in the targeted email campaign to recruiters and specific companies and would appreciate speaking to someone in your group about this. Let me know on this one. Believe me I want this resume to go to the decision makers but understand that we need to send a good amount of this resume out to unsolicited people. I need guidance please.

One question I do want to ask you or Peter is, “Having read this resume where do you think Lew F. belongs in terms of job title and industry/company?”.

Looking forward to hearing from you on my questions and the receipt of final resume.

I’m excited.