April 6, 2017


I am reading this thoroughly today. I am sending a focus letter for each job I submit to. I will also be doing a 900+ email blast to executive recruiters and specialized recruiters oriented toward my interests. I put the letter at the front of the same file as the resume at the suggestion of an executive recruiter and Phd Human Resources professional. This way the person receiving it open one file and must see the cover/focus/lead letter first.

My initial impression is very good. Thank you for your effort. I am reading a job description and then modifying my focus letter and resume. A sample for a disaster recovery sales position is attached. The recruiter was quite please and immediately forwarded to the company. However, the market is still slow and the company has not responded.

I will send my further thoughts and changes today or early tomorrow when I have some concentrated time to digest what you have done.

Thanks again for your efforts in my behalf,


Brent K.