April 6, 2017

Hi Terri,

Just who is that woman? Wow!

So that’s why I could never do that…we’re talking about me? Funny isn’t it. One either gets tongue-tied and meek or boastful and self-aggrandizing when approaching this formidable task. A CV was much easier for me to create… so cut and dried, without extrapolation to merits.

Is there a time limit to when a decision about any of those packages must be started? I probably need to research the potential of actually finding positions open for someone such as me. I don’t know the need for someone with my background for some of those companies, but I suspect it is pretty slim.

I am interested in a quote to create a scannable version. I had no trouble with the format since I have experience with page set up. I have the paper that I want to use here so I’ve got that covered.

You did a spectacular job and I’d like some of your business cards so other people I network with can have access to your expertise.

Best Regards,