November 30, 2018
I wanted to touch base and say that already, I’m pleased I contracted with you all to rewrite the resume/cover letter and then do the email blast.
While the ultimate goal is to land the perfect job, the combination of the above is opening doors. Since the email blast went out on Monday, I’ve received:
-appx 75 emails with “impressive background, not currently working on any assignments that would be a fit but will add you to our database”
-5 actual phone conversations
        a. 2 have been interviews albeit, one sounded like a perfect fit but the compensation was $40,000 lower than what I put into the email blast criteria and is also low for the type of role
        b. 3 have been with recruiters to gain a better understanding of my background. Results so far = 1 might have an opportunity to present to me by tomorrow, another is supposed to have their background on me completed by tomorrow and can then share 3 roles that might be a fit, and another is scheduling a call with the VP of sales for a position he feels I’d be excellent for.
In addition to this, I have another call with a recruiter scheduled for tomorrow for “several positions that might be a fit” and another discussion still being scheduled for early next week.
On top of this, one of the managing partners I spoke with today mentioned that normally, he receives thousands of emails like the one that came from the blast, but the reason he reached out is because of how clear the resume was written. He said that typically the resumes he receives are garbage, but mine made it very clear on strengths, accomplishments and what I was looking for so KUDOS to Jeanie ?
Just wanted to give some initial feedback from day 3.5 since the email blast went out
Patrick W.