These Women Over 50 Shared How They Landed New Jobs, But Ageism Is Alive And Well In The U.S.A.

by Guest Author, Perry Carpenter The older we get, the scarier career change becomes. But if you’re unhappy with your current job, waiting out retirement could be even more frightening. Luckily, plenty of women have lived through a midlife job change and lived to tell the tale. The Reddit group AskWomenOver50 featured a thread about finding employment…

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How to Make Job Hopping Look Good in an Interview

job hopping

Do you have some job-hopping on your resume? What is Job-Hopping? A job hopper is someone who switches jobs every one or two years on their own accord.  According to the US Labor of Statistics, an employee in the U.S. stays with their employer for an average of 4.6 years. If you are a freelancer…

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