Job Interview Mistakes for Extroverts

When it comes to job interviews, you might assume that extroverts have it easy. In fact, if you do much Googling on the topics of introverts, extroverts, and job interviews, there’s a lot of [...]

More on Soft Skills – Which Are Most Important in 2019?

We’ve written about soft skills here before. However, it’s a big topic with a lot of applications and a lot of interesting cupboards to peer into. Hard skills? Soft skills? Which are [...]

Don’t Forget Your Hobbies on Your Resume!

Do you have hobbies on your resume? “Never add fake interests just to enhance your resume,” says, since the persons interviewing you may call your bluff if they ask you questions [...]

The Soft Skills Employers are Looking For

Do you have the soft skills to make it? What are soft skills and what are employers looking for? Here’s a hint: It’s not the ability to create the world’s tallest soft serve ice [...]

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