Tips on How to Format a Resume

Format a Resume

There are many ways to format a resume. It can depend on the type of resume you are creating, the industry you are in, and sometimes the application process requirements. There are traditional formats and more modern formats. Regardless, of all these factors, the following list of tips applies to all resumes. Need help with…

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Resume Tips: How to tell your story

Resume Tips

The best resume tips we can give include how to tell your professional story in an interesting way that is quick and easy to read. Need help with your resume? Take advantage of our Free Resume Critique. According to a section in an article titled Storytelling in Your Resume: Why and How by,  “As a…

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Resume Key Words: Are you using them correctly?

resume key words

Key Words Help You Tailor Your Resume Learning how to look for key words in a job post or job description and then applying them to your resume is a great way to tailor you resume for specific jobs. Related: How to Beat an Applicant Tracking System (and land an interview) Create a Word Cloud…

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