Why Now is the Best Time to Start Your Career in the Logistics Sector

by Guest Author, Lucy Wyndham Economics research firms report that nearly 31% of grocery products in American stores were out of stock in recent weeks. Clearly, current events are putting tremendous pressure on global supply chains that are already suffering a shortage of drivers. Indeed, everyone from food delivery to freight companies are looking for drivers, making…

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How to Look for a Job During Social Distancing

Social Distancing written on a chalkboard with arrows pointing to the edges

The world has changed and now we all must learn how to change with it. Social distancing is the new norm. It’s everywhere, from grocery shopping to walking in the park, to interviewing for jobs.  Life doesn’t stop just because we struggle, and your job search doesn’t need to stop either.  If you’re not sure…

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What’s Keeping You From Changing Careers?

changing careers

When you find yourself stuck in a job that isn’t fulfilling it can be challenging to take the leap into changing careers.  Here are some of the ways you might be holding yourself back. Internal Blocks to Changing Careers If you’ve ever thought, “It’s all in my head.” that may be true, but it doesn’t…

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4 Tips for Avoiding Burnout


By Marie Johnson, Contributing Author at Enlightened Digital  Are you headed toward burnout? Everyone has days when, under the pressure of a tight deadline or big project, they feel like they’re running on fumes. But when the feeling of being completely overwhelmed at work persists, it can spiral into burnout — a growing epidemic with…

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Job Search Tips for 2018

Job search tips

New Year = New Job Search Tips Check out the latest job search tips for a new career in 2018! Does your New Year’s Resolution include looking for a new job? You aren’t alone. Many people are looking for a new job this year for a variety of reasons. It doesn’t really matter why, well…

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The Key to Looking for a New Job

looking for a new job

Is looking for a new job part of your New Year’s resolution? We understand that when you are looking for a new job you don’t always want to announce it to the world. Especially if you don’t want your current employer to know you are seeking new employment. It’s probably a good thing that Facebook…

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Addressing Employment Gaps on Your Resume

employment gaps on your resume

Are you returning to work after a prolonged absence? Employment gaps in resumes are not ideal, but there are ways to handle them positively so that prospective employers don’t balk at them. As a job applicant returning to the workforce after a period of time, how do you handle these missing years on your resume?…

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Skills vs. Experience: The Functional Format Resume

Functional form resume

A Functional Form Resume Does NOT List Experience in Chronological Order Your best bet is a Functional Format Resume if you are a non-traditional employee. For example: If you are changing careers or fields Returning to the workforce after an extended absence Starting your career and lack experience Entering the civilian workforce after being in…

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How to Successfully Change Careers Later In Life

Change careers in mid-life

The Rancher’s Wife: Change Careers in Mid-life By Pierre G. Daunic, Ph.D. This is a personal story of one woman’s journey to change careers later in life told by Pierre G. Daunic, Ph.D., a senior writer at CareerResumes.com. How Mary Changed Careers When I first met Mary, she was despondent, to say the least.  At…

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