Using LinkedIn in 2020 for Your Job Search

LinkedIn in 2020

LinkedIn is a great platform to help you find jobs, so why not take a fresh look at your job search using LinkedIn in 2020?  First impressions are important, so start with keeping your LinkedIn profile accurate and up to date. A clean and professional profile picture is the perfect start. The photo should be…

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How to Use LinkedIn Videos in Your Job Search

LinkedIn videos

Have you tried LinkedIn Videos for your job search? LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for professionals who are looking for career advancement. It is also the place businesses go when they are hiring. People often misunderstand the advantages LinkedIn can have over other social media platforms. For one, LinkedIn concentrates on Business to Business communication…

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How to Use Media in Your LinkedIn Profile and be AMAZING

Media In Your LinkedIn Profile

Using media in your LinkedIn profile is a must if you want to be seen, recognized, and ultimately interviewed and hired. As more and more job searches are done online, resumes are moving toward online LinkedIn profiles. In fact, many people in marketing, advertising, social media, and online content industries use LinkedIn exclusively as their resume.…

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The Proper Hyperlinks to Include in Your Resume

hyperlinks in resumes

Does your resume currently include any hyperlinks? With the growing popularity of LinkedIn, personal websites, and social media platforms, sometimes it makes sense to include hyperlinks in your resume. Hyperlinks to Include in a Resume Check out the following list of hyperlinks you can include in your resume. On a side note: even though the…

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How to Find Jobs with Social Media

How to Find Jobs with Social Media

Submitted by guest blogger, Alex Moore. How hard is it to find jobs with social media? Everything from food and clothes to cars and fully-furnished homes can be bought online. You can plan entire trips, organize birthday parties and do your finances in front of your laptop with great ease. And, of course, to have…

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Are You Using LinkedIn Referrals?

linkedin referrals

LinkedIn Referrals allows you to filter job openings to find those where you know an employee. This is extremely helpful considering most people find a new job through their network and contacts. On the desktop view of LinkedIn you can filter your job search by “in your network”. Once you get your list you’ll see…

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Custom URL for LinkedIn: Why and How

Custom URL for LinkedIn

If you looking for a new job, or even if you aren’t, you can create a custom URL for LinkedIn.  It provides a cleaner look without the additional numbers at the end. It also makes it easier for people to find you and shows you have put the effort into creating an ideal LinkedIn Profile.…

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Are You Using LinkedIn to its Full Potential?


LinkedIn can be the best tool you use LinkedIn is quite possibly the best social networking tool for executives – it enables you to simultaneously: promote your personal brand develop new networks re-connect with old network resources sell services locate new work, including contracts and jobs But much like the three-martini lunch, when used incorrectly…

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LinkedIn Taps into Why People Are (and aren’t) Networking


Networking is Important So why aren’t more people doing it? LinkedIn surveyed thousands of professionals around the world who use LinkedIn to find out how they feel about networking, what triggers (or prevents) them from doing it and how frequently they’re making connections. They discovered that while most people agreed that networking is important, not…

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Top Job Search Tools for 2017

Job Search Tools

Job Search Tools in the Digital Age Step One: Buy your local newspaper and look at the “want ads.” Haha, just kidding. Who does this anymore? Below are some real job search tools that will help you find the perfect job and stay organized while doing it. If you have any suggestions to add to…

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