How to Look for a Job During Social Distancing

Social Distancing written on a chalkboard with arrows pointing to the edges

The world has changed and now we all must learn how to change with it. Social distancing is the new norm. It’s everywhere, from grocery shopping to walking in the park, to interviewing for jobs.  Life doesn’t stop just because we struggle, and your job search doesn’t need to stop either.  If you’re not sure…

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What Are Your Weaknesses? How to Answer This Question

what are your weaknesses

You got the interview. You made it on time. You’ve nailed every question so far…and then it happens. The dreaded question: “What are your weaknesses?”  Oof. No matter how much you prepare, this can be a challenging question to answer. Should you be completely honest? How detailed should you get? Could this answer sink your…

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“Are you a risk taker?” – How to answer this in an interview

risk taker

Questions about whether or not you are a risk taker generally fall in the Behavioral Interview Questions category. These types of inquiries explore how you have behaved in certain situations. They also require more than yes or no answers. Some people find them a challenging part of the interview process. However, if you prepare for them…

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A Public Speaking Trick That Works in Interviews

public speaking

Public speaking can mean all sorts of things. It’s not just on a stage in front of a big audience. If you think about it, a job interview is a form of public speaking too. Even if it is just an audience of one or a small panel of interviewers. Thinking about your next interview…

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Interview Tips for Introverts


Interviewing is uncomfortable for anyone, but for introverts it can be downright nerve wracking and painful–not to mention exhausting. Don’t even start about panel interviews, UGH! Phone interviews are slightly better, but still… However, there is no way around the fact that interviewing is a necessary part of career building and job seeking. So, for…

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The Art of Storytelling in an Interview

storytelling in an interview

Storytelling in an interview can be a masterful way to stand out and be remembered. Everyone likes a good story. But we aren’t talking about lying or making you sound better or more qualified than you really are. We would never recommend that. Instead, we mean talking about yourself and your experiences in a compelling…

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5 Tips for Applying for a Remote Job

remote job

By Marie Johnson, Contributing Author at Enlightened Digital Does the idea of a remote job appeal to you? Are you longing for the opportunity to spend your time traveling to exotic locations and working off free Wi-Fi at a beach resort? Hoping to work from home so that you’re there when your kids get home from school? Whatever…

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Are These Mistakes Killing Your Employment Chances?


Are you trying to change your employment status? Get hired? Advance your career? Change jobs? Keep reading… Here’s How To Avoid Them  Statistics by Glassdoor revealed that on average, each corporate job offer attracted 250 resumes. Of those candidates, 4 to 6 were called for an interview, and only 1 got the job. These statistics…

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How to Use LinkedIn Videos in Your Job Search

LinkedIn videos

Have you tried LinkedIn Videos for your job search? LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for professionals who are looking for career advancement. It is also the place businesses go when they are hiring. People often misunderstand the advantages LinkedIn can have over other social media platforms. For one, LinkedIn concentrates on Business to Business communication…

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Ace Your Next Panel Interview

panel interview

Do you have a panel interview coming up? Don’t worry–you got this! Recently we have covered the topics of automated phone interviews (where you are talking to a robot) to applicant tracking systems (where AI decides if your resume is good enough to pass along.)  It seems like every where we turn, robots and devices are…

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