Want to nail that job interview? Here are 5 tips

by Guest Author, Ina Opperman Getting a job interview is wonderful, but what can you do to nail it and get the job? Although going for an interview can be stressful, there are things you can do to give yourself the best shot at making a good impression. According to Annemie Burger, HR director at…

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These 7 Job Interview Tips Will Help You Get Hired

by Guest Author, Stuart Gentle Are you looking for your first job or hoping to change careers? Whether a seasoned pro or a total novice, nailing the job interview is key to landing the desired position. If you’re looking for a job, you know that the interview process can be nerve-wracking. You want to make…

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This Is Kevin O’Leary’s No. 1 Job Interview Tip

by Guest Author, Maurie Backman Since the start of the pandemic recovery, Americans have been quitting their jobs in droves and seeking out better opportunities. If you’re looking to get a new job, you may have to update your resume and do some networking to get your foot in the door. But from there, there’s another…

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Avoid Passive-Aggressiveness in Interviews

Passive Aggressiveness in Interviews

Passive-aggressiveness in interviews often starts with the type of questions being asked. It can also be demonstrated by questions that are just way too vague. This is not the same as open-ended behavioral interview questions. We are talking about questions that are asked where the point is lost or the candidate cannot determine what the…

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What is the STAR Method for Interviewing?

The STAR Method

What is the STAR Method and how can it help you ace your next interview and land your dream job? We are all experts at some things but that doesn’t mean we are great at interviewing or telling our stories. The STAR Method can help you remember how to advocate and promote yourself so employers…

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How to Bomb an Interview Without Even Talking

bomb an interview

Before you even open your mouth you could do something to bomb an interview. Pay attention to your body language, clothes, general attitude, and other things in order to nail your interview and get the job. Be sure to consider all of the following things before your next interview. Don’t Bomb an Interview Eye Contact…

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How to Know Whether You’re The Right Fit for a Company

Before You Accept a Job Offer

When it comes to getting a new job, skills and experience are key factors, naturally. But, 91% of senior managers claim that a candidate’s fit with the company culture is just as important. Moreover, 35% of candidates would turn down a “perfect” job if the company culture isn’t the right fit for them. If you…

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