Want to nail that job interview? Here are 5 tips

by Guest Author, Ina Opperman Getting a job interview is wonderful, but what can you do to nail it and get the job? Although going for an interview can be stressful, there are things you can do to give yourself the best shot at making a good impression. According to Annemie Burger, HR director at…

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How to Use LinkedIn’s Interview Prep to Land Your Dream Job

by Guest Author, Electra Nanou Preparing for job interviews? Here’s how LinkedIn’s Interview prep feature can give you the edge to ace your next interview and land your dream job. It’s normal to get nervous about interviews. You have complete strangers asking you professional and sometimes personal questions in order to assess your suitability for…

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How to Bomb an Interview Without Even Talking

bomb an interview

Before you even open your mouth you could do something to bomb an interview. Pay attention to your body language, clothes, general attitude, and other things in order to nail your interview and get the job. Be sure to consider all of the following things before your next interview. Don’t Bomb an Interview Eye Contact…

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9 Interview Questions Successful Remote Workers Will Ace

remote workers

The massive shift from working in the office to working from home brought on by the pandemic has proved to many companies that they can indeed depend on remote workers to keep their businesses operating. In fact, quite a number of organizations have confessed that post COVID, remote work will more likely become the new…

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How to Demonstrate Leadership in an Interview

Demonstrate Leadership in an interview. puzzle pieces with shadows of different people in business poses

You will be expected to demonstrate leadership in an interview, but it isn’t always straightforward. This is a skill that hiring managers are definitely looking for in almost any position, but they may or may not come right out and ask it. Even if you are not going to be in charge of other people…

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How to Answer, “What is your dream job?” in an Interview

what is your dream job: an image of a young man in a business suit looking upward thoughtfully at a clean white desk with a potted plant.

Continuing with our series on how to answer interview questions, now we turn our attention toward “What is your dream job?” This kind of question seems pretty straightforward, however, you can think strategically about every question an interviewer asks. This way you can make sure your answer lines up with your goals.  Your true dream…

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How to Answer “Why did you quit your job?” In an Interview

Why did you quit your job? Drawing of a hand holding question marks and another hand holding lightbulbs

Whether it is planned in advance or happens suddenly due to necessary or unforeseeable circumstances, you will eventually have to answer, “Why did you quit your job?”  Variations of this same question can include: “Why did you leave your last job?” “Why are you looking for a new job?” “Why were you fired?” “Why are…

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