How To Combat Ageism During A Job Search

by Guest Author, Caroline Castrillon As of 2020, workers 50 and older made up over 30% of the U.S. workforce. While experienced employees make up a substantial portion of the labor market, they also face significant challenges during a job search, including ageism. For example, in a survey by WerkLabs, 60% of respondents indicate that they have…

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5 Efficiency Tips for Online Job Hunting

by Guest Author, Miles Oliver Finding a job online makes the process easy. You can specify what you’re looking for, read descriptions quickly, and apply within minutes. However, the convenience of online job hunting is often what makes it overwhelming, too. With so many job postings online, don’t allow yourself to fall into the tedious…

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Tips on How to Format a Resume

Format a Resume

There are many ways to format a resume. It can depend on the type of resume you are creating, the industry you are in, and sometimes the application process requirements. There are traditional formats and more modern formats. Regardless, of all these factors, the following list of tips applies to all resumes. Need help with…

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