What You Should Do When an Employer Ghosts You

by Guest Author, Jeff Somers It’s not your imagination: Finding a job is harder than ever. Not necessarily because of a lack of jobs, but because the interview process has become what scientists call awful. It begins with the requirement that you upload your résumé and then replicate all that information in a wonky online form; and leads…

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What you should do after a job interview

by Guest Author, Mitchell Glass Leave a lasting impression on your prospective employer. You found a dream opportunity on a job site, breezed through the application and crushed the interview. So now what? Now, you follow up. A thoughtful follow-up can be the cherry on top of a strong interview, yet one survey showed that 57% of…

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Online Communication: Mastering Netiquette in Your Job Search

online communication

Proper Etiquette for Professional Online Communication Well, this isn’t a “Dear Abby” situation since the internet and online communication wasn’t a thing yet back in the days of newspaper advice columns. However, polite correspondences will never go out of fashion–online or otherwise. You can think of it as a “Dear Peter” online advice article! Related:…

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How Important is Your Email Sign-Off?

ending an email, email sign-off

How do you end a professional email? Whether you are writing a cold email, a follow-up, a thank you email, or any other professional communication, the way you end it can contain subtle word nuances that you may or may not intend. On the other hand, the last remarks you make can have weight in…

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The Art of Saying “Thank You”

Scrabble tiles Thank You

Craft a Thank You immediately after your interview We’ve all played the anxious, nail-biting waiting game. The interview is over and now the anticipation begins. In order to fill the time and make a truly lasting impression craft a Thank You immediately after your interview. A Thank You can make all the difference A well…

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Interview Follow-Up: Just Do It!

following up should be part of the job search

How Effective is Your Interview Follow-up? So, you’ve had your interview, you sent your thank you, you keep searching–now what? If you are in a lull with your job search it is good to ask yourself, “Who haven’t I followed-up with lately?” Before you do, check out Allison Green’s article in U.S. News & World…

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