The Best and Worst Ways to Explain a Career Break

by Guest Author, Brianne Hogan Finding a job is tough these days, especially given the circumstances surrounding the pandemic and recession, and, you know, life. A survey published earlier this year revealed that 68% of workers have experienced a gap in their employment, with 39% citing family responsibilities as the most common reason. Among the workers surveyed,…

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How To Indicate Medical Leave on Your Resume

by Guest Author, Frankie Wallace Health challenges can happen to anyone. In fact, if you live long enough, they’re all but guaranteed. And, they can strike at any time, even in the midst of your prime working years. When this happens, you may find yourself left with little choice but to take a medical leave.…

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Addressing Employment Gaps on Your Resume

employment gaps on your resume

Are you returning to work after a prolonged absence? Employment gaps in resumes are not ideal, but there are ways to handle them positively so that prospective employers don’t balk at them. As a job applicant returning to the workforce after a period of time, how do you handle these missing years on your resume?…

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