5 Insider Tips for Job Seekers Over 50

by Guest Author, Andrew Lisa Looking for work in the best of times is a stressful, frustrating process filled with anxiety, rejection and the sinking feeling that it might never end — and these are hardly the best of times. For older workers in the over-50 set, it only gets more complicated. The insecurity that…

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Why You Should Get Your Resume Updated Now

why you should update your resume

It’s tempting to wait, why should you get your resume updated now? Here’s the top reasons why you need to spend some time making sure your resume is ready to use:   Why You Should Get Your Resume Updated Now In volatile times it’s important to be ready to pivot with changing needs and industry…

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Infographic Resume: A Creative Way to Present Your Credentials

infographic resume. Illustration of a man holding a piece of a pie chart in his arms, standing next to the completed chart.

How do you stand out from the crowd when the world is mostly online?  An infographic resume is one answer. Adding An Infographic Attitude Information noise is increasing every day.  We don’t read, we scan. You can counteract this overwhelm by creating an infographic resume.  Typically, recruiters only take 7 seconds to look at a…

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The 20 Worst and Best Words to Use in Resumes

Best Words to Use in Resumes

by guest writer, Tom Jager If you are updating your credentials, follow these tips for the best and worst words to use in resumes.  A well-written and rich resume is still a very important tool for getting a good job. However,  in order for it to make a difference, it should have no weak, passive words,…

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Resume Key Words: Are you using them correctly?

resume key words

Key Words Help You Tailor Your Resume Learning how to look for key words in a job post or job description and then applying them to your resume is a great way to tailor you resume for specific jobs. Related: How to Beat an Applicant Tracking System (and land an interview) Create a Word Cloud…

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