How to Answer “Why did you quit your job?” In an Interview

Why did you quit your job? Drawing of a hand holding question marks and another hand holding lightbulbs

Whether it is planned in advance or happens suddenly due to necessary or unforeseeable circumstances, you will eventually have to answer, “Why did you quit your job?”  Variations of this same question can include: “Why did you leave your last job?” “Why are you looking for a new job?” “Why were you fired?” “Why are…

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Cover Letter Template: Not good enough for executives

cover letter template. Asian woman sitting at a desk in front of city skyline

A cover letter template can be a good place to start, but should not be where you stop. Just like with an executive level resume, your cover letter should be unique to you and the position you are applying to. Generic cover letters with a few key words sprinkled in for the Applicant Tracking System…

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Best and Worst Greetings for Cover Letters

cover letters

Cover letters are different now than they used to be. They’re getting submitted via online job applications and forms and not through the mail. They’re not written as letters, they’re written in blank boxes or sent as emails. But that doesn’t mean a professionally written cover letter isn’t important. In fact, it’s probably even more…

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What a Resume Critique Can do for your Job Search

resume critique

The very simple answer is: A professional resume critique will significantly shorten the length of your job search. Sometimes by months or weeks. Isn’t your time worth something? Have you ever had a professional critique of your resume? I write a lot about job searches, resumes, interview skills, and all sorts for things regarding landing…

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