Are You Using Any of These Patronizing Phrases?

patronizing phrases. White man with dark glasses giving a patronizing look

How many of these patronizing phrases have you used? It happens. Even if we don’t mean it to. Sometimes the words and phrases we use convey an insult that we don’t intend. It’s easier to spot condescending speech when it is direct toward us. But it might not be so easy to identify if we…

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Make the Most out of Remote Meetings

Remote meetings shown by two cartoon people coming out of laptops and shaking hands.

Remote meetings can be challenging at the best of times: tech difficulties, timing challenges, and a lessening of social cues can decrease meeting effectiveness. However, they can still be successful. Here are some straightforward strategies to make the most out of your meeting. Pay Extra Attention to Nonverbal Cues in Online Meetings Humans are hardwired…

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