22 Things To Do (And Not Do) When You Get Fired

by Guest Author, Aaron Stern Losing a job can feel catastrophic. But making the right moves from the start can make all the difference in turning a loss into an opportunity. Losing your job is one of the most upending experiences of modern life. It can throw your confidence for a loop, and depending where you…

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What should you do if you’ve been fired or laid off?

by Guest Author, James Battiston Amid economic uncertainty, you need systems to help you get back on your feet quickly. The pandemic saw a huge shakeup in the employment sector. Some industries crumbled under the effects of lockdowns, while tech companies thrived and grew as Canadians moved online for their needs. Shopify was one example,…

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How To Tackle The Job Market After Being Fired

being fired

Getting a new job after being fired can be really stressful. You will have many questions such as: What will I be asked in an interview? Will someone want to hire me? Should I mention the firing? The circumstances of you being firing will help to answer a few of these questions. However, if you’re…

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