Empowering Women Job Seekers in Trades Through Success and Safety

by Guest Author, Miles Oliver The trades offer some great opportunities for hands-on, creative, and long-lasting careers. From construction to outdoor landscaping and all points in between, there’s space for enrichment. Yet, there is still a significant shortage of women in trade roles. Yes, this is problematic from an equality standpoint. It can also present…

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Is Embellishing Expected on a Resume?

by Guest Author, Samantha Nolan Dear Sam: It seems when I read the resumes of my friends and colleagues, they consistently claim accomplishments that seem exceptionally impressive and make me question the strength of my resume. Is it normal to embellish on a resume and stretch the truth to make yourself sound like a stronger…

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The Importance of Being Culturally Sensitive When Applying for a Job

Culturally Sensitive

by Frankie Wallace, a guest writer Nowadays, most employers understand the importance of being culturally sensitive. It promotes acceptance and inclusion for everyone in the workplace, no matter their background. It creates a safer work environment, makes employees more comfortable, and boosts overall job satisfaction while encouraging collaboration.  But, it’s not just employers who should…

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