6 Practical Ways to Use ChatGPT in Your Job Search

by Guest Author, Maxwell Timothy Looking for an edge in your job search? Here are some actionable ways to leverage ChatGPT’s capabilities and enhance your job-hunting process. Job hunting can sometimes feel like being stuck in a hamster wheel. You tirelessly scour job boards and spend hours crafting the perfect application, only to get nothing…

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Job Security in The Age of AI Advancements

by Guest Author, Miles Oliver Artificial intelligence (AI) has already started to make an impact on people’s everyday lives. While fascinating there are also various concerns about how the implementation of AI is likely to affect job security in the near future. This is a vital element to consider. After all, AI is proving to…

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Resume Tricks to Get Past Artificial Intelligence

resume tricks

Resume tricks and strategies to get past ATS and AI technology. We came across a really helpful article for resume tricks in the New York Times recently titles, Résumé-Writing Tips to Help You Get Past the A.I. Gatekeepers and we wanted to share. We often get asked, “Why Aren’t I Getting Responses to My Resume?”…

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