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If you’re tired of others winning those dream jobs that you’re perfectly qualified for, it’s time to do something different. For many workers, that means no longer gambling with a resume or CV that’s just not winning any interviews. Career-Resumes® is prepared to guide you through this process and set you up with something better. Thousands of executives, professionals, and managers have taken advantage of our complimentary CV or resume critique service, and many have seen excellent results afterward. We’re ready to offer you a free review on the resume you’re using now to help you improve it — just contact us to schedule your executive resume writing session.

Knowing exactly how your resume or CV stands up against the competition is your best defense against being passed over for the ideal job. We work specifically in senior and IT executive resume ghost writing to turn them into professional-quality marketing masterpieces. Services are tailored to managers who are ready to move ahead but are not getting called for interviews. Career-Resumes® can write or update yours for you and help you receive the career advancement you deserve. In addition to our resume critique service, we can also translate senior executive resumes into dozens of languages for international positions. To really set an impression, you can count on us for cover letter services to help you stand out amongst the competition.

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From Our Clients…

Hi Debra,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I agree, you captured the “essence” of “me” and effectively combined a great balance of my capabilities.

Wow, this is great!

Deborah M.

Hi Terri,

Just who is that woman? Wow!

So that’s why I could never do that…we’re talking about me? Funny isn’t it. One either gets tongue-tied and meek or boastful and self-aggrandizing when approaching this formidable task. A CV was much easier for me to create… so cut and dried, without extrapolation to merits.

Is there a time limit to when a decision about any of those packages must be started? I probably need to research the potential of actually finding positions open for someone such as me. I don’t know the need for someone with my background for some of those companies, but I suspect it is pretty slim.

I am interested in a quote to create a scannable version. I had no trouble with the format since I have experience with page set up. I have the paper that I want to use here so I’ve got that covered.

You did a spectacular job and I’d like some of your business cards so other people I network with can have access to your expertise.

Best Regards,


Hi Pierre,

Thank you very much.

I have reviewed what you sent me and it looks terrific!

You are certainly excellent at what you do.

I look forward to receiving the cover letter. I am preparing for court on Thursday and Friday but will review in detail and let you know of any changes/suggestions. From my first read though I did not see anything that jumped out at me.

Thanks again for your exceptional rewrite of my resume.

Rajendra P.

Our executive resume writers have extensive experience creating high-impact CFO resumes, CEO resumes, CTO resumes, CIO resumes, Finance Executive resumes and Sales Executive resumes. Your investment in a professional resume ghost writing service can shorten your executive job search. If you get a job one day sooner, your resume has paid for itself!