Five More Job Search Tools

Picking up from yesterday’s post on five job search tools, here are five MORE job search tools:

  • A really, really good elevator pitch. Most elevator pitches I hear are (yawn) horrible!  One of the worst offenders is JARGON.  Keep your pitch JARGON-FREE!
  • Knowledge. Specifically, knowledge of today’s job search strategies.  In my job search I used outdated strategies and found myself spinning my wheels… it was NOT FUN and not productive.  You need to learn enough so you do the right stuff, and avoid waisting your time.
  • Self-confidence. Too many job seekers lose their self-confidence and are not able to network or interview well.  Two of my most popular blog post are about job search depression and about how we communicate in a job search (analogy: “don’t let HR smell blood!”).
  • An email signature. Your email signature is a marketing opportunity.  What message is it giving?  Can I tell, just from your email signature, what your value proposition and/or brand is?
  • A LinkedIn Account. This is, hands-down, the most important network for you to join and proactively use in your job search.

What would you add?

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