Is It Time to Update Your Resume?

By Peter Newfield – President of®

We are always making lists to keep on top of the daily/weekly schedules and deadlines that face us in our business lives. But, odds are, that many of us keep our noses to the grindstone and forget to do a periodic check to see if our jobs and careers are still on track. Here is a checklist of ten items you may want to refer to every six months or so to see if it’s time to update your resume and look for greener pastures on the job front.

  1. SALARY ENVY - The guy in the cubicle next to you just got a new job offer at twice his current salary.
  2. PINK SLIPS IN THE AIR - Company layoffs are rumored but your boss says there is nothing to worry about.
  3. NEW CAREER PATH - Your old resume lists your previous jobs as a massage therapist and personal trainer even though you now have eight years experience as a commodities trader.
  4. TIME FLIES - Your most recent resume does not include the last two years of work and accomplishments at your present firm.
  5. NEW PRIORITIES -Your resume lists more fraternity and college sports awards than job accomplishments.
  6. LESS IS MORE -With the addition of your present job, your resume is now three pages long.
  7. MOVING ON -The address and telephone number on your resume are from your last home/apartment.
  8. NO PERSONAL STUFF -Your resume includes Hobbies and Personal Information after the Education section.
  9. HIGH TECH UPDATE - Your resume does not list any of the computer software you’ve learned to use in the last two years.
  10. OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS -You just saw an ad for a terrific job in the Sunday newspaper and the deadline for responses is Friday -- do you know where the most current version of your resume is on disc/hard-drive?

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