Are You Prepared for Upcoming Economic Changes?

By Peter Newfield - President of™

The holiday season is behind us and the economy hasn't really rallied as we all hoped. As we face the uncertainty of our place in a global market, it sometimes seems as if our biggest export is jobs to a foreign workforce. The financial outlook is tentative at best and grim at worst. The looming election means change – and possibly for the poorer. And, you are wondering what the future holds for your company, your career field, and your own job prospects.

Well, take heart. Whatever the configuration of the economy throughout 2014 and beyond, you have the ability to be positioned to take advantage of new job opportunities and to react positively to business downturns. Every savvy executive should always be prepared for whatever changes occur. Here's how:

  1. Reconnect with your professional network. Line up references, research emerging companies and trends, and renew online and local affiliations.
  2. Update your job search documents. The day you hear about a tempting job opening (or receive that layoff notice) is much too late to begin thinking about your marketing materials. Your most-important marketing tools should never be hastily thrown together. As the pros warn, “You only have one chance to make a good first impression.”
  3. Collect the necessary information. Your documents must be polished, professional, content-rich, and accomplishment-based. To do this, you need to carefully review your educational and employment history to gather the details that will summarize your background, differentiate you from the pack, position you for your next career move, and establish the value you bring to future employers.
  4. Use a resume that exceeds the expectations of employers and recruiters. Today's job search documents are more outcome-based, visually appealing, and targeted than in the past. Executive websites have surveyed hiring authorities to gain insight into their preferences and what actually works in getting the employer to pick up the phone to arrange an interview.
  5. Consider getting professional help. Just as you might defer to the expertise of a factory-trained automotive service technician and recognize the value of consulting an accountant for tax assistance; so too should you seek out the advice and services of a professional resume service.
  6. Select the best resources for your career field and job search needs. The best-of-the-best services use writers with extensive experience, impressive credentials (including certifications), publishing credits, a deep knowledge base of key industries and careers, and a track record of creating resumes that get positive results. They also provide a one-stop solution for all of your job search requirements.
  7. Start now! The optimal time to begin your preparation is when you have the time, motivation, and financial resources to move forward. If you are delaying the process until you have a few spare minutes in your 50- or 60-hour work week, why not turn the task over to an expert who has the energy, enthusiasm, time, and skills to craft a compelling and effective résumé and cover letter?

I invite you to visit to review our samples, guarantee, extended services, and expert team of writers. I am confident that you will not find a more reputable or valuable service for your job search needs. Please contact me at (800) 800-1220 or to initiate a dialogue about how Career Resumes can help you fulfill your present (and future) career objectives. This can be the first step in securing that next, great job.